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Rahm Emanuel suggests video recording gun sales

Here we go ahead with the faux ideas that doing unnecessary and silly things to limit gun sales will stop gun violence. Since Mayor Emanuel lost the battle of totally outlawing gun sales in Chicago, don’t know how he thought that would fly, he has outlined a new plan with a number of someone questionable restrictions for selling and purchasing guns.

Some of the restrictions he has announced so far are:

  • Require gun dealers to videotape sales
  • Ban gun stores near schools and parks
  • 72-hour waiting period for purchasing handgun
  • 24 hours waiting period for rifles and shotguns
  • Dealer would be able to sell only one handgun per month per buyer
  • Store records would be subject to quarterly audits to discourage trafficking
  • Gun retailers will require special use permit

That’s quite a nice list of restrictions that do absolutely nothing to reduce gun violence. When, in the last several years, have you heard of someone going out and buying a gun to immediately turn around and use to commit gun violence? I haven’t heard of any, please do provide me with some facts on this one. Guns already aren’t allowed on school property so I don’t see any sensible gun store owner putting his store close to a school, also see my first point about waiting periods. I can already see what they are trying to accomplish with the videotaping and the store records “to discourage trafficking”, more like to encourage tracking what you purchase! The all mighty “special use permit” which is just a legal way to say we still control you and can limit the number of gun stores in Chicago if we want to.

If that wasn’t enough a Chicago Tribune article stated that with these rules there would only be 0.5 percent of Chicago’s geographic area legally available to put a gun store. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Photo credit: Chicago Tribune

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