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Remembering Pearl Harbor: 75 Years Later

Today marks 75 years since Japan attacked our naval forces in Hawaii, at Pearl Harbor, thus entering us into WWII. As a nation, we banded together to stop evil forces. December 7, has been placed on the calendar as Pearl Harbor Rememberance Day. On that early morning in Hawaii, we as a nation, lost 2,402 military personnel. Let us honor and remember their ultimate sacrifice today.

Over the past few months/years, we have faced a number of issues on the home front; US Citizens v. US Citizens, countless engagements on the battlefield leaving widowers and families with out their loved ones, homeless at home, starving children, terrorism at home, patriotism at an all-time low, etc. There are many people in this world who wants the United States to fail and to seize control of us. Tyranny and oppression still exists today, all in different ways. Let us not repeat history. Let us learn from our past and look forward to the future. American’s live in a place where we have Freedoms, but remember, Freedom is not free. Someone has made the ultimate sacrifice for us, so we are able to exercise our rights and Freedoms. But here lately, it seems as if people have gone to the extreme with exercising their rights. People need to wake up and look around to see the bigger picture that is happening here in America.

With all the violence that is happening here at home, it almost seems like we are living in a third world country, ruled by drug lords and ruled with fear. As President Franklin D. Roosevelt said in his inaugural speech in 1933, “let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.” Let us look fear in the eyes and tell it, we are not afraid! We are not an unjust society! We are Americans! We need to act as if we have some common sense and conduct ourselves with respect and be honored to call ourselves Americans! We need to teach our kids values and how to be prominent, hard-working citizens, not lazy citizens who are handed everything and think they are entitled to things “just because”. Hard-work goes a long way. In 1941, the US Military was at it’s all time low, our country teetering on catastrophic economical collapse, and we banded together. We turned our economy around. We fought our way back to the top, out of a depression. We need our TRUE leaders now, more than ever. I only hope and pray that they make the right decisions, and keep the American Citizens in their hearts and minds when they make their decisions. As time continues, we are losing members of the greatest generation and losing the survivors of this tragic day in our history. Also with time, we are losing the ships still buried at Pearl Harbor. Please try and take the time to seek out these survivors and try and visit Pearl Harbor to see for yourself the impact of the events that occurred this day 75 years ago.

In closing, I leave Franklin D. Roosevelt’s speech he presented to the American people and to Congress, the day after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. December 7th, 1941, is truly a date that will live in infamy.

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