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REV-Arms out of Business?

There has been a lot of talk of REV-Arms (REVolution Arms, LLC) lately with their sponsorship of the 3-Gun Nation shooting events and their ultra-lite rails and sub-MOA barrels. REV was often seen at local gun shows and 3-Gun events in Virginia and the surrounding states.

Recently, REV-Arms website has gone down, showing only a page that says the online store will be back soon. There has also been a lot of talk in the 3-Gun communities on Facebook about how they are no longer in business. The Danville, VA company has also been the highlight of a recent “On your side” article by NBC12 in Richmond, VA.

The article states that Bruce Smith has paid for a custom rifle in full and the order was not fulfilled. The article with NBC12 went on to say:

Smith says he’s not heard from the company since then. That’s why he reached out to 12 On Your Side for help. Investigator Eric Philips tried calling the company, but the numbers were no longer in service. Philips emailed them but received no answer. He tried finding contact information for the listed owners in Danville. Those numbers no longer work. The company website is taken down.

Many people online have stated they have several gift certificates from the company, either winnings or gifts, and they will no longer be able to use them in exchange for cash or product. Since there is no contact information online for the company they have not been reached for a comment. We will update our readers if we found out any more information.

We contacted REV-Arms in August/September 2016 and they stated they would send us a .300 blackout barrel to review, but we never heard back or received a review barrel. They stated they were waiting for the barrels to be Nitrided. We often receive products from companies to review, so we can give honest feedback and report back on our site. We have tried for several months to get in touch with them about this barrel, but with no reply. We have been unable to get in touch with REV-Arms for comment on this article prior to publishing.

***Update March 2017*** If you have any concerns that you have been wrongfully done by REV-Arms and/or paid and did not receive a product, please contact Danville Police Department and speak with the Detectives about your issue.

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