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Say Hello to the Glock Gen 5

On August 30, 2017, Glock finally released the long awaited Generation 5 pistols in the 17 and 19 frame! After the FBI received their new 17M Glock made for them, it was only time that it would make its way to the civilian market. There are a lot of upgrades to this Glock versus the Gen4. We’re going to take a quick comparison of the two.

G17G4 (L) and the new G17G5 (R)

When Glock came out with the Glock 17 in 1980’s, it has become a big success and launched a huge fan base. The new Gen5 Glock 17 and 19 feature Glock’s proprietary nDLC finish. According to Glock, the ion-bonded finish reduces corrosion and scratching and improves performance in adverse or de-greased conditions. Looking at the slide of the Gen5 Glock, it’s rounded at the muzzle and Glock still offers the same plastic single dot on the front sight and “U” Shape rear sight.


I honestly wished Glock would have updated to Steel 3-Dot Sights like all the other manufactures on the market. It seems like the first thing that Glock users tend to do is change over the sights to a tritium night sight.

Looking at the underside of the slide, you’ll notice that the firing pin safety has changed shape. Instead of it being round like in previous generation Glock’s, it is now more square with rounded ends. The changing of the of the firing pin safety is needed to accommodate Glock’s new Trigger Mechanism. The trigger bar on the Gen5 does not attach to a spring that sits on the connector. In the Gen 5, the trigger bar slides into a space on the trigger mechanism housing. The trigger return spring has been replaced and has now been moved inside the mechanism housing. Also, Glock has gone back to their two pin system and getting rid of the Locking Block Pin.

Rounded Slide at the end of the Muzzle on the Gen5 (R)
Gen5 (L) retains the same recoil spring as the Gen4 (R)









The Gen5’s will come with Glocks new Marksman Barrel. According to Glock, the barrel’s new rifling and crown deliver improved accuracy for both the beginner and the seasoned gun owner. Looking at both barrels they appear to be the same on the outside but the crowns are definitely different and the rifling on the inside is noticeably enhanced.

The New Gen5 (R) with no finger-grooves and notch for mag strips.

Moving down to the frame of the new Gen5 you’ll notice a huge difference – the lack of finger grooves. For some, this is a good thing, yet can be a bit different at first. Like most manufacturers out on the market today, they are getting rid of the finger grooves to make it more appealing to new shooters and to fit all hands. According to Glock, removing the finger grooves improves the ergonomics of the grip, delivering consistent comfort and improved control to a wider range of consumers, regardless of hand size.



Towards the bottom of the frame, you’ll notice a flared mag-well for faster magazine changes. Also, a notch is cut-out in the bottom of the mag-well to strip the magazine if needed. Downside to this, on the Glock 19, if you have medium sized or larger hands, your pinky will end up on the cut-out and it feels very uncomfortable. On the Glock 17 Gen5, it feels a lot better in my hand. Glock did keep the Gen4 stippling and interchangeable backstraps.

Glock has really made the Gen5 for all shooters, no matter if you are left handed or right handed. Glock has featured an ambidextrous slide stop levers and still offers the reversible mag-release. When holding this pistol in my hand, I found that slide manipulation is still easy and I can even release the slide with my index finger on the right side and it’s still comfortable.

Glock has introduced an Orange Follower on their Gen 5 magazines, like the Magpul G17/19 Magazines. Luckily, for all the Glock users out there that have previous generation Glocks, the magazines will fit and the aftermarket magazines will work as well. The Gen5 Glock’s will come with three magazines just like the Gen4’s. Also, the 30rd factory and aftermarket magazines will fit the Gen5’s. Holsters that are already out on the market for the Glock 17/19 will work just fine, so that’s a plus.


It seems like Glock is just like Apple – change a few things and upgrade a few things and call it new. The Glock fans are definitely rejoicing over the Gen5’s and I’m sure we’ll be seeing an influx of used Gen4’s at your Local Gun Shops across the country. So if you are wanting a used Gen4 at a reasonable price, this could be your opportunity to own one!

MSRP for the Gen5’s are coming in at $699 and are selling locally from around $570-$599.99. I’m sure once the market catches up to demand, the prices will even out. If I had to guess, we’ll be seeing the Gen5’s selling for around $549 after it’s all said and done. I’m unsure about the Gen5’s being on the Blue Label at the time of this article, but I’m sure they’ll eventual be on there. I’m also curious to see if Glock will stop production on the Gen3 Glocks. Why keep it around if this is supposedly the new and improved?


Glock 17 Gen 5 Glock 19 Gen 5
OAL 7.95″ 7.28″
WIDTH 1.34″ 1.34″
HEIGHT 6.14″ 5.04″
BARREL LENGTH 4.49″ 4.02″
RD COUNT 17 15
UNLOADED WEIGHT 1.58lbs 1.50lbs
MSRP $699 $699


I honestly found myself really liking the Glock 17 Gen5. I may actually have to get one, because it feels really good in the hand and balances well. I have owned Glocks in the past and eventually sold them because something new and better came along, well this might be the one for me. If you are in the market to look at these new Gen5’s, contact your local gun shop and see if and when they’ll have these available.My local gun shop, Clayton Guns, was able to secure just a handful of the Gen5’s earlier this week and was there when they opened the box from their distributor.

As always ya’ll be good and be safe!


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