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SCCY: Under $300 Budget Friendly Pistols?

SCCY (pronounced SKYY) pistols have been in the gun industry since 2003. According to SCCY’s website, this company first came about when, “Joe Roebuck recognized the increasing demand for a safe, simple to use, and affordable firearm as a growing number of states enacted legislation to allow concealed-carry permits to law-abiding citizens.” This gun is definitely simple to use, affordable and is a safe pistol. This small subcompact-size DAO pistol makes concealed carry easy. With the overall length of 5.7”, overall height of 4” and width of just 1″, just makes this 15oz pistol feel great! But the trigger is nothing to write home about, coming in around 9lbs 5oz, it makes for a long trigger pull. Would I want to shoot this pistol every day, probably not. As a back-up pistol, maybe.

There are a wide variety of pistol colors to choose from, as well as two different slide colors to pick from. The Black or Stainless Slide are included with any of these frame color options: Black, FDE, Gray, Orange, Blue, Purple, Red, Pink, and White. This particular model is the CPX-2, so it does not have a safety, but the CPX-1 does include an ambidextrous manual safety. This pistol is a great option for a new shooter on a budget. MSRP of the CPX-1 is coming in at $334 and the CPX-2 is coming in at $314. Locally, both pistols are being sold brand new from $275-$290. This little 3.1” barreled pistol, that we had for testing, was a used model, and it still includes the Lifetime Manufacture Warranty, Box, two 10rd double stack magazines, all for $235. After shooting this particular pistol, using Perfecta 115gr 9mm ammunition, I’m having some concerns. I was having multiple Failures to Eject and Double Feeding issues while testing this pistol out. Could it have been the pistol? Could it have something to do with the ammunition? Could it be the magazine making the problems? I’m not quite sure, because I only had Perfecta ammunition available at time of shooting. I’m leaning more towards the magazine. The magazine did seem to be quite used and the magazine spring was not as tight as a factory one. I have used Perfecta ammunition in everything I shoot and I’ve never had any problems with it. **Knock on Wood**

This bargain pistol would make a great little car/truck pistol or even a back-up pistol, if it works with your ammunition of choice. If you are planning on carrying this pistol, holsters are readily available from Fobus, Uncle Mikes, DeSantis, Galco, Alien Gear, Crossbreed, as well as Custom Kydex Holsters. Be mindful when carrying and shooting this pistol to not use Steel Cased, Aluminum Cased, or Reloaded ammo. You will have to use standard bullet weight of: 115gr, 124gr, and 147gr in the Gen 2 models. Also, +P ammunition is recommended only for very limited use in the Gen 2 models only. Up until recently, SCCY pistols included a Lifetime Warranty and also Lifetime Warranty against theft as well, but it only takes a few idiots to ruin it for everyone. SCCY has now moved away from the theft warranty, which stinks because that was a great selling point for this pistol, but still includes the Lifetime Manufacture Warranty. Also, in 2016, SCCY has introduced the CPX-3, a .380ACP version of this pistol. Honestly, I’m not too sure about the .380ACP variant. Why carry a .380ACP, when I can carry a 9mm in the same size pistol with the same price point.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you which caliber and which color to choose. Take a look at these little pistols if you are in the market for a budget friendly subcompact-size pistol. Also, if you do purchase one, make sure to fire a couple different brands of ammunition to see which one your pistol likes best. It usually takes around 200-500rds for a pistol to be truly broken in, so take the time and find which ammunition works best for you! Thanks to Clayton Guns for allowing us to test out this pistol!

Ya’ll be good and be safe!


***Update 6/10/2016***
Turns out, the magazine was the problem. Went back out with the SCCY CPX-2 with a fresh new magazine and it ran flawlessly, even with the Perfecta 9mm Ammo! I’m actually impressed with this pistol, but I’m still going to recommend before you carry this pistol: shoot the ammunition you plan on carrying in it for defensive carry and make sure you shoot at least 100-250rds of that ammo to make sure no jams. Just make sure you break-in the pistol as well. Most pistols need upwards of 250rds for break-in.

***Update 7/6/2016***
After talking with SCCY directly today, I was told that with some of the newer models are having issues with the magazines. What they are finding is that the magazine lips are spreading too much, causing FTF issues. To fix this problem, you can contact SCCY directly, and they will assist you with fixing this problem. Also, the reasoning not to use the steel case ammo in these pistols is due to the coating coming off the metal and causing rounds to jam. In some cases, they are finding the case being stuck in battery. A way to avoid this issue for you steel case shooters, is to grab a 40 S&W brush and bend it 90 degrees. After about 2-3 magazines, lock the slide back, and take that brush and clean the feed ramp, barrel, and extractor to clean off any of that coating.



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