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ScopeShield Review

Today, I am going to take a quick look at the Scope Shield rifle scope cover. Often times we do not put much thought into protecting our optics or making sure that they are safe from the elements, however Scopeshield has made it easy.

ScopeShield covers are made of Neoprene, which is a versatile and protective material. While ScopeShield’s covers are not revolutionary by any means, they do provide a cost effective protective element for your scope and are even customizable. ScopeShield allows you to edit the cover design by allowing you to put a logo or other design on the scope cover.

One of the first things I noticed when reviewing this product is how easy it was to put the cover on my rifle scope. The material stretches far enough so that you can easily pull it over your scope, as well as remove it when you are ready to use your scope. The cover fits snugly around the scope, ensuring that it does not accidentally come off. Have a look through the many available ScopeShield options on their website!

About ScopeShield

ScopeShield™ is an American, family-owned company that has been designing and manufacturing optical instrument covers for almost 20 years. ScopeShield Scope Covers success is built on our commitment to absolute customer satisfaction, and our commitment to building the best product possible for the sportsman, military and law enforcement communities.

The ScopeShieldscope covers was invented by Jon Stram. As an avid hunter who sometimes wandered in to “extreme” conditions, Jon realized that he needed something better than what was currently on the market to protect his scope in the field, in transport, and in storage.

If you do not have any kind of protection on your scope, now might be the time. I will no’t regret having my ScopeShield due to the fact that my stainless colored scope sits right next to a black AR-15 in my safe, and I do not want them trading paint.

Check out ScopeShield via the links below. Also, be sure to drop Jon Stram a line and tell him you found his site through EpicTactical!

See all the ScopeShield Options or Design your own ScopeShield cover

Today, I am going to take a quick look at the Scope Shield rifle scope cover. Often times we do not put much thought…
  • Customizability
  • Material
  • Price

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