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Shot Trak HD Review

The folks over at ATI sent over a Shot Trak HD for us to test and review. Thankfully, I had some tannerite laying around and was able to give the Shot Trak and fun test.


The first thing you’ll notice about the ATI Shot Trak HD is the production material. It appears to be made of a very hard polymer or plastic, and from our tests takes a decent beating. One of the negatives with the mounting of a camera on the side of a gun, while already having something mounted on the other side, is the difficulty associated with setting the gun down without placing it on one of the mounted items.

However, during testing the camera held steady when shooting. The only video we posted of the Shot Trak was the tannerite being shot, but we will post more Shot Trak HD videos soon.

Video Quality

The video quality of the Shot Trak HD is pretty good given the very small package of the Shot Trak HD. The video records in full 1920 x1080p and the images are somewhat grainy compared to a stationary camera. Then again we have to take into account that the Shot Trak HD does not have any type of image stabilization, nor does it have any type of action setting which would reduce motion blur. With that in mind, the picture quality is in my opinion pretty good. We really like the Shot Trak but could not give it extremely high ratings in the video quality category. In the future, I think ATI will improve this product.

Audio Quality

The audio quality of the Shot Trak HD is above what I expected. Given that I could not locate the microphone port it surprised me when I heard the audio from this bad boy. The audio made it easy to narrate for people to get a full effect of what is going on around the shooter. We will show this as soon as we can finish our combat course and make some videos!


The Shot Trak HD is neat piece of technology and is similar to the body and dash camera for law enforcement. The Shot Trak HD gives shooters an interesting perspective of your target shooting, training, hunting, or defensive gun use. I highly recommend checking out the Shot Trak HD to anyone looking for something to record line of sight on their firearms.

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The folks over at ATI sent over a Shot Trak HD for us to test and review. Thankfully, I had some tannerite laying around and…
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