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Sig Sauer P227: Better than an 1911?

The Sig Sauer P227 debuted in 2013 and was hailed with outstanding reviews. The general consensus was, “hey look, it’s a P226 but in 45ACP.” But Sig has had a full-size pistol in 45ACP since 1975, called the P220. The P220 is a single stack 8rd magazine, while the P227 is a 10rd double stack magazine, with a 14rd extended magazine option. With the overall length of 7.7”, overall height of 5.5”, and overall width of 1.5”, it is actually the same measurements as the P226.

The Steel Slide with anodized aluminum frame is coated in Sig’s Nitron finish for long lasting protection. Like most other Sigs, the unloaded weight is coming in at 32oz or right at 2lbs. The particular model for review is sporting the Short Reach Trigger, but not the Short Reset Trigger. When you are online and searching for the SRT Trigger, it will only be the trigger. The SRT Trigger is slimmer and easier to reach the trigger when the pistol is in DA. The only downside to the SRT Trigger that I have found is if you have larger hands, it can “pinch” your trigger finger. To complete the SRT kit, you will need the Short Reset Trigger, which will contain a new sear and safety lever, to make the reset even better. But the P227 has a typical Sig trigger pull: Double Action is coming in at 10lbs and in Single Action it’s coming in at 4.4lbs. If happen to install the Short Reset Trigger Kit, it will change the DA to about 7lbs and the SA to about 3.5lbs, which is just amazing. Installing the Short Reset Trigger Kit is actually easy and it can be done with just basic punches and some needle nose pliers. It will take around 20-30min to do it for a novice. There are plenty of videos on YouTube to help assist in this task.

This pistol offers standard 1913 picatinny rails, Sig’s Standard 3-Dot Sights, or their Night Sights for an additional $100. The P227 also comes with Sig’s newer style E2 Grip. I really like this grip. It has enough texture to really hold on to this pistol, while the p220 has the standard two-piece design grips. But you can change out the E2 grip to add the two-piece design grips with an adaptor that is being sold. But, with this grip, it is really thin and recoil is hardly felt. Like most 45acp pistols, it does have some kick, but with the 4.4” barrel, it is very manageable. I did notice that the front sight did snap up quite higher due to the higher bore axis that Sig is known for, but came back down and back on target really quickly.

Holsters are readily available out on the market right now by Safariland, Blackhawk, Alien Gear, DeSantis, Galco, as well as Custom Kydex Holsters. Any holster that is made for the Sig P220R and the Sig P226R, will also fit the P227, so that’s a plus.

Is the P227 a better option than the iconic 1911?

Let’s take a look at a Sig Sauer 1911 Nitron with Rails specs:

Overall Length 8.7″
Overall Height 5.5″
Overall Width 1.4″
Barrel Length 5″
Unloaded weight 2.6lbs
Mag Capacity 8+1 (Single Stack Mags)
Action SAO
Trigger Pull 5lbs


So the P227 is: shorter length wise, same height, 0.1″ wider than the 1911, 2+1 more rounds, double stack magazine, lighter unloaded weight, DA/SA and trigger pull can be better with the $45 SRT Kit. So in my opinion, I think the P227 is a better option than the 1911. But this is my personal opinion. I have owned 1911’s and I’ve sold them. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to carry this P227 Nitron as an EDC, but if I were to choose a duty weapon, it would be this one!

All in all, this pistol is an absolute dream to shoot. With an MSRP of around $1100, it is a little pricey, but like all Sigs, it is made with quality in mind. The Sig P227 Nitron is selling locally for around $849 without night sights and with night sights for around $949. Now, in typical Sig fashion, Sig offers the P227 in many different variants including: TAPCOS, Carry option (which has a shorter barrel and is considered better for an EDC pistol), SAS (which has rounded edges and makes carry more comfortable), Enhanced Elite (longer beaver-tail), Equinox (which is a two tone stainless steel and nitron black), Flat Dark Earth, and the Tactical which includes a threaded barrel. For me, I would carry the P227 Carry Option for an EDC pistol if I were searching for a new EDC Pistol. For all you Military/LEO/First Responders, the Sig P227 Nitron is being offered on their LEO Discount for $799, which includes 3 magazines and has Sig’s Night Sites. If you are in the market for a new Full-Size 45ACP Pistol, check out the Sig P227 and see if it is right for you. Unfortunately for you lefties out there, the Sig Sauer P227 may not be the best option since all the controls (de-cocker/slide release) are located on the left side of the pistol and was designed for the right hand shooter in mind. Sorry guys and gals, it can still be manipulated and work if you are left handed, just have to practice some. Thanks to Clayton Guns for allowing us to test out this amazing pistol!

As always, ya’ll be good and be safe!

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