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Smith and Wesson SD9VE: Good Entry-Level Pistol?

The Smith and Wesson SD9VE’s have been out on the market since 2012. This is Smith and Wesson’s current entry-level, full-size pistol and was much needed after their Sigma series of pistol fiasco (legality issues with Glock). The design and feel of this pistol is amazing. Although, it is light-weight (unloaded weight is coming in at 22.7oz or 1.42lbs), this pistol feels slightly cheap, compared to the S&W M&P series of pistols. But nonetheless, this stainless steel, 4” barreled pistol is nice to shoot and it is good looking.

The first thing you notice is the two-tone color configuration, stainless steel slide and black polymer frame. The frame has an aggressive grip checkering and has textured finger grips for your thumbs, so your grip is firm and the grip angle is very nice. This pistol does come with a 1913 picatinny style front rail to place a light or laser of your choice. The overall length is 7.2”, overall height is 5.5”, and the overall width is 1.29”, so this is definitely a full-size pistol. This pistol comes with two 16rd chrome finished magazines, downside though, if you need or want more magazines they are being sold online by Academy Sports for around $40. So the price of the magazines are a little bit on the downside. The sights on this pistol are the standard 3-Dot White sights, but night sights are available for this pistol.

The only thing I do not like about the SD9VE, is the trigger pull. The avg trigger pull is coming in around 8.5lbs and the reset is very long. Upside to this, Apex Tactical makes a Trigger Spring Kit available for around $20 from MidwayUSA, which will reduce the trigger pull to around 5.5lbs. Apex Tactical also offers an Enhancement Trigger for around $38 from MidwayUSA, which will reduce the trigger pre-travel by 20%, the trigger over travel by 10%, and will again reduce the trigger pull by 10-15%. I wish Smith and Wesson would just fix this problem and install these kits from factory. And with the price points for these parts, it wouldn’t make this pistol much more than what it is. MSRP for this pistol is $389 and is selling locally for around $299-$350.

Holsters are readily available from Blackhawk, Fobus, Galco, DeSantis, Alien Gear, as well as custom Kydex Holsters are available, so carrying OWB and IWB will be easy to do. Most pistols out on the market today offer interchangeable backstraps or different size grip modules, unfortunately, this pistol is “what you see is what you get.” So if you are looking to purchase an SD9VE, I would try and get out and see if you like the pistol grip angle and see how the checkering feels in your hands.

All-in-all, if you are searching for an affordable, entry-level, full-size pistol backed by Smith and Wesson’s Lifetime Service Policy, check out the SD9VE and see if it’s right for you. Smith and Wesson also offers this pistol in 40 S&W as well, so all you 40 caliber lovers out there, there is something for you. Unfortunately, Smith and Wesson currently does not make the SDVE in a 45ACP variant. But you never know what Smith and Wesson might do in the future.

As always, ya’ll be good and be safe!

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