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SOL ” Explore” Plasma Dual-Arc Lighter

By Allan Smith

When you live off-grid as we do, the ability to get a fire started for cooking or heating is vitally important. When we were introduced to the SOL “Explore” Plasma Dual-Arc Lighter we had to dive in and learn more.

In full disclosure, this product was not sent from the manufacturer, but purchased by us here at ETS. Upon opening the packaging it is well made and feels very durable. Length runs just shy of three inches and has almost no weight to it. 


The Dual Arc Plasma Lighter lets you start fires with the touch of a button. Windproof and waterproof and is a USB-rechargeable electric lighter that works in any conditions at any altitude. With my history of High Altitude climbing, this lighter weighs less than 2 ounces, recharges in 2 hours, and can start over 100 fires per charge. I wish I had this back then!

I found the Plasma Dual-Arc to be very effective at lighting kindling, newspapers, fire starters and more.  In fact, I used it once to like my pipe tobacco and It performs quite well. Again, living here on the homestead on top a mountain we have high winds and that is where I thought we would have an issue.  However, this baby did just fine in the wind. 

The case on the SOL Plasma Dual-Arc Lighter is waterproof, and the micro USB port is inside where it can’t be damaged from the elements. The ignition button is conveniently hidden under the lib and felt like the perfect place for it. 

If there is a negative, perhaps some would be concerned that the battery-powered aspect of it could fail at a time of need. True, but preparation is key and knowing your gear. You keep your phone charged, so why not an important devise like this?  You should always carry at least two fire sources, I prefer three.  For me, this lighter worked well, if not better then my old bic.  

I think at first people might think the little Plasma Arc is a gimmick, its not and a serious fire starter! It worked incredibly well and no doubt, I will have one of these in my go-bags for sure!


Battery Type: Lithium Ion
Number of Batteries: 1
Battery Capacity: 280 mAh
Watt Hours: 1.03
Battery Weight: .3g

Check them out at www.surviveoutdoorslonger.com

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