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Sons of Guns Star to Discuss Alleged Rape on Dr. Phil

Multiple sources are reporting that former “Sons of Guns” star Stephanie Hayden Ford will go on the Dr. Phil show to discuss allegations of an alleged rape that occurred 22 years ago when Stephanie was 12 years old by her father Will Hayden.

Seeing as how this occurred 22 years ago I’m interested to see what Stephanie’s reasons are for waiting so long to disclose this abuse. Of course there is the fear of more abuse and retaliation but 22 years is a long time. I hope this will help both Stephanie and her sister move on and if these allegations are true Will Hayden get the punishment he deserves.

I think more transparency will help her and Red Jacket Firearms put this issue behind them, however I don’t see anyway they will recover “Sons of Guns”.

[expand title=”Read Stephanie’s statement on what she will discuss this Thursday”]

“I decided to appear on ‘Dr. Phil’ to tell my story exclusively because I know he would take it seriously,” she said in a statement. “With my father now in jail, everyone in my family and in our company are now talking openly for the first time. I have nothing to gain from this exclusive interview, but to begin living in truth and getting help for myself and my sister. I just pray that our story will somehow prevent another victim from staying silent.” -Stephanie Hayden Ford


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