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Strike Industries Glock Tool and Slide Plate

After we posted the new Index Finger Bump for the AR, Strike Industries contacted us and sent us the Finger Bump and Accuracy Grip, along with their Glock Tool and Slide Plate. The Glock tool is a blessing for all you Glock users out there and the Slide Plate is really cool. The Glock tool incorporates a pin punch tool, front sight removal tool, base plate removal tool, and is an all steel construction.

The Slide Plate is “perfect for those who are looking for an aesthetic and functional upgrade to their Glock pistols. The Strike Industries (SI) Slide Cover Plate for Glock allows for tool-less disassembly of the firing pin and extractor using a (patent-pending) push-button design for greater ease of maintenance. Machined from aircraft grade aluminum and anodized, the SI Slide Cover Plate is significantly more durable than the factory plastic slide plate.” I recently purchased a Glock 20 Gen 4 (used pistol) for my wife as her wedding anniversary present and I noticed that the factory plastic slide plate was slightly damaged. So when SI sent us the Slide Cover Plate to try out, I was excited.

Glock Tool Specs:

  • Length: 2.85”
  • Width: 1.16″
  • Height: 0.48″
  • Weight: 2.6oz
  • Materials: Steel
  • Color: Black and Chrome


Slide Plate Specs:

  • Color: Black, Gray, Red, Blue,
  • Fitment: Glock 17-39 (Will Not Fit G42/43)


I used the SI Glock tool to remove the factory slide plate. You’ll have to depress the plunger inside the slide and the factory slide will come right off. I then went to install the new Slide Plate and I found that it was a little tough to slide in. I had to use the tool again to push in the firing pin and extractor, but I was able to slide it place. I then tried to put the slide back on the frame, and I noticed I was having a little trouble putting it back on. I tried to press the button on the slide to try and move the plate back and forth, but I was unable to move the plate down while pressing the button. I had to use the tool to press the button harder, and then I was able to move plate some. I then pushed the plate back up. I tried again to put back on the slide back to the frame, and it went on, with using some slight force.

The plate looks really good on this Glock 20 Gen 4. I was surprised by the fit and finished of this part. I was a little disappointed that it didn’t work as well as the company made it out to be. But I’m sure if I were mess with it more it will loosen it up some, but honestly, I have no desire to keep taking it off and on. Once it’s on, it’s on for good in my opinion, unless I need to do some cleaning on the firing pin. Price point for the SI Glock Tool is coming in at $25 and the Slide Plate Cover is coming in at $23 for the Black. If you are wanting the red, blue, or gray the price goes up by $2, so $25. Also, there are two different variants of the Slide Plate Cover, V1 and V2. The one that was sent to us was the V1. But both versions are coming in at the same price.

Visit Strike Industries online to check out their other fine products! Also follow them on Facebook and Instagram!


As always, ya’ll be good and be safe!

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