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Strike Industries Introduces Index Finger Bump for AR & AK EPG

Strike Industries has just announced a new product called the index finger bump for the AR and AK Enhanced Pistol Grip. Strike Ind states that the finger bump aidings in the proper trigger finger placement and prevents you from hooking the trigger.

They claim this will increase your accuracy but helping you not pull your rifle while shooting. I’m rather interested to try it out so if anyone knows anybody at Strike Industries tell them to give me a shout!


Strike Industries introduces an innovative product called the Index Finger Bump for the AR and AK-EPG’s! (Licensed from G&G Firearm Experts / Accuracy Grip INC. US Patent #6802148). The Finger Bump is an amazing aid for proper trigger finger placement, preventing you from “hooking” the trigger for better accuracy and performance from first trigger pull on! It’s an optional (sold separately) piece made of impact resistant nylon reinforced polymer.


Package include:
– 1x Index Finger Bump
– 1x Mounting Hardware


– Durable Nylon Reinforced Polymer Construction
– Trigger Finger Ergonomics
– Sleek SI design
– Able to install on other than SI pistol grips!

Price: $7.95

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