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S&W Model 13: Who doesn’t love a revolver?

The Smith and Wesson Model 13 is a .357 Magnum, 6 shot, DA/SA revolver manufactured from 1974 until about 1998. It is based on the Smith and Wesson K-Frame pistol. The Model 13 is the .357 Magnum heavy barreled variant of the Model 10, which is chambered in 38 special. The Model 13 was designed to be used by Law Enforcement and US Government agencies. The Model 13 has 4 different variants. This particular model is the Model 13-1, which means it was manufactured sometime between 1974 and 1977.

The Smith and Wesson Revolver has been a staple in Law Enforcement for decades. This particular model has the nickel finish. S&W also made blued finish models, which are more commonly found out in the market today. From what I can find online and from other sources, S&W did not make a lot of the nickel finish models of the Model 13, so to have this one, is a real treasure. I bought this handgun used at my Local Gun Shop a few years ago for a steal. The Blued Finish Model 13 are going for around $400-$500. I purchased this 4” barrel nickel version for around $450, which is a heck of a good deal, most nickel ones are going for around $600, easily. There is something about shooting a revolver that makes you feel like a “real man.”

This pistol feels amazing in my hand. The weight of this pistol is about 2.19lbs unloaded. The felt recoil is almost non-existent with the factory wood grips. Even loaded with 38 special, I can see why this was a weapon of choice for most departments in the 1970’s. The accuracy is incredible for an approx. 40yr old pistol. I’m shooting 8″ steel targets with ease. The downside, I do not have any speed loaders for this pistol. Loading bullets one by one is okay for the range, but I really do need to invest in some speed loaders.

When I take this pistol to the range, people always want to look at it and check it out. The nickel is in really great shape with only one or two spots on the cylinder that have wear marks. If you are in the market for a great revolver, try and seek out a Model 13. They are becoming harder and harder to find, but if you can find one, buy it! You won’t be disappointed.

Ya’ll be good and be safe!

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