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TacCon 3MR Trigger System

Picture of the 3MR Trigger
Picture of the 3MR Trigger
On December 1st 2013 the TacCon 3MR Trigger System will go out sale. “Oh great another AR-15 trigger system” is what you’re probably thinking but this one is a bit different. This is trigger system gives you a third mode of fire without an NFA tax stamp.

A representative from the company confirmed that this is not a bump fire system. This is in-fact a one shot per pull non-adjustable 4.5 pound trigger pull weight. I look forward to testing the system once it’s released and doing a follow-up review of it.

You can get more details of the 3MR Trigger System on their website on December 1st 2013!

Here is the official word from the TacCon rep:

The 3MR is a drop-in 3-mode fire control system with Safe, Semi-Automatic, and Tac-Con’s patented 3rd Mode. The 3rd mode has a positive reset that dramatically reduces the split times between shots. The positive reset characteristic is achieved by transferring the force from the bolt carrier through the trigger assembly to assist the trigger back onto the front sear. As a result, this gives the firearm the fastest reset possible. Both semi and 3rd mode positions exhibit a non-adjustable 4.5 pound trigger pull weight. Why 4.5 pounds? Because most law enforcement agencies limit any trigger used for duty to 4.5 pounds and above. Extensive testing done by Tac-Con, the ATF (BATFE), and professional shooters have proven that this is the fastest semi-automatic trigger in the world. The 3MR is ATF approved and is NOT a NFA part. Each trigger is accompanied by a copy of the ATF letter. This is not a bump fire system. The shooter must pull the trigger once for every round fired.
Additional information will be available at www.tacfirecon.com on December 1st.
-Eddie Stevenson, TacCon

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