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By Travis Pike via SOFREP

Cloud Defensive is well known for producing the best weapon lights on the market. The OWL and Rein are both uber-powerful lights that dominate the market. That’s what they are known for, but did you know they’ve also dived into manufacturing bags? Specifically an Ammo Transport Bag. The Ammo Transport Bag, or ATB for short, is a badass modern ammo can designed for both safe storage and transport. Metal and plastic ammo cans are great, but the Ammo Transport Bag is miles better than an ammo can.

Ammo Transport Bag Beats Ammo Cans

First and foremost, its size and shape allow it to carry both a butt-ton of ammunition and be easily stored in a backpack or range bag. It plops into a backpack with ease due to its rounded design, and most average range bags could carry a multitude of these bags.

While the design is smaller, you can still carry a ton of ammo in it. The ATB can eat up to 900 rounds of 9mm or 500 rounds of 5.56. I’d say that’s more than enough for your average range trip. That’s a lot of weight, but the ATB is tough enough to handle it.

The Ammo Transport Bag is made from Cordura, a material many of you are familiar with. Cordura is a lightweight material known for its durability and resistance to the elements, and long lifespan. It’s also affordable and common, which helps keep the price of the ATB low. The handle is massive and reinforced well to handle the weight. The bag is thick and strong to resist tearing under pressure.

Modularity Matters

One big advantage the Ammo Transport Bag has over traditional ammo cans is modularity. Modularity is what currently rules the market. People want a tool that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. The Ammo Transport Bag can be utilized and organized to carry two ammunition sources without mixing them up. An optional divider locked in the center allows for greater organization.

The Ammo Transport Bag also comes equipped with a pouch designed to hold five pistol magazines, and it attaches to the top of the bag but remains inside of it. You can pack five double-stack magazines loaded and ready to go. You can also remove this pouch and use the hook and loop for anything else you desire.

Shooters could pack a ton of loaded mags in the bag and call it a day. It easily fits full-sized pistol magazines and both AK and AR 15 30 rounders. I advocate for a boom bag, a boom bag being a bug out loaded with ammo that you grab and run off with if necessary.

A single Ammo Transport Bag could easily be made into a mini range bag. The ATB will fit a full-sized handgun, some eyes and ears, some spare magazines, and of course, ammo with ease. The soft design also protects your goods from drops, falls, and abrasions. Ammo cans will easily scratch and damage your finely packed goodies and provide zero cushion if it falls.

Cloud Defensive might be known for their fantastic weapon lights, but you’d be a fool to sleep on the Ammo Transport Bag. If you’re a gun nut like me, they’ll make your life much easier on your next range trip or when you have to organize that closet of yours.

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