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By Allan Smith


So attending the 2024 Shot Show, once again it lived up to its hype. This being our 8th year to attend, we love seeing the new products that are hitting the market and interacting with the industry.

Cruising down the isles of product we came across GrooveLife’s Groove Belt. Having done a previous review on a different belt that didn’t fair so well, we were curious how this one was different. They were kind enough to offer us a sample belt for review, so we thought why not!

I’m not a fan of the ratchet belt system and one thing is for sure, if your a conceal carry holder, you need a belt that is sturdy, well build and top quality.

Welcome to the Groove Belt my friends. Their saying is “Born in Alaska & Built in Tennessee”.  The Groove Belt comes in multiple sizes and color options and right from the start we loved the look and feel of this belt. Rigid, easy to open and close and get this, they offer 94 year unlimited warranty. So your not happy, just give them a call.

Groove Belt’s strap is effective and they call it “Stiff-Tech”. It appears to be made from a standard nylon webbing material, but it is very strong with a slight stretch. They say with this stretch, you set your size once and let the belt do the rest and after gaining a few pounds from Shot Show parties, lord this is perfect.

Groove Belt’s buckle is slick and attractive. The ends of the belt click together with a cool sound. Groove Life calls the sound “Snap-Tech” and is what sets this belt apart. So what is the design feature to create this wonderful sound?  Magnets, specifically, super-strong neodymium magnets.


The front of the buckle has a pair of hooks protruding from its inside.  Between those hooks is a rectangularly shaped protrusion which houses one of the buckle’s two neodymium magnets.  

Back of the buckle has a pair of slot-like through holes on its front side.  The hooks in the front portion of the buckle fit into these holes in the back portion of the buckle.  So between these two slots sits another neodymium magnet that mates with the magnet on the other side of the buckle. Pretty cool right?

Groove Belt General Specs:

  • Strap Width = 37 – 38 mm
  • Buckle Size = 68mm x 45mm x 10mm
  • Snap-Tech technology with neodymium magnetic latch
  • Groove Life’s flagship: Stiff Tech webbed fabric built to allow the maximum and comfortable stretch effect
  • Anti-flap keeper loop

The Groove Belt has an overall minimalistic theme that to some extent has a military-grade look. You can slide the free end through the open slot in the buckle and just snap it in place. It’s easy to adjust and won’t budge due to the company’s proprietary Stiff Tech technology.

Another cool aspect to this belt is the company lets you personalize your belt with your initials or words of choice. And get this, free of charge. 

Groove Belt Pros:

The Groove Belt has the following plus points besides the subtle ‘GL’ logo in the lower-left corner. 

  • Standard magnetic buckle design with a high-quality clasp
  • Extraordinarily durable and overall sturdy build quality
  • Possesses some degree of stretchability
  • Multi-contact adjustable fit to accommodate different waist sizes
  • Multiple size options (*Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL)
  • Various color options for other parts of the belt.

Groove Belt Cons:

Only thing I got is for conceal carry it could be just a bit more rigid, but again I am reaching out for something here.

Lastly, the signature 94 years extended warranty is on the entire Groove Belt product lineup. With the average age span these days, I think the belt will last longer then most of us and you’ll probaly have to will it to your favorite cousin after your gone. 

The price point isn’t high and comes in around $65.00 USD and the company is American Patriots located in Tennessee. Compared to a lot of belts on the market, the Groove Belt is absolutely better in terms of durability than other ones on the market right now. Be sure to check out their other lines of watch bands, wallets and rings. 

Check them out @ www.groovelife.com

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