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The Improvised Weapons Survival kit

Popular YouTube channel Modern Combat and Survival shared a video earlier this year showing DIYers how to put together an interesting kit. Instead of making fire or purifying water, if you follow these instructions you’ll be able to get your hands on brutally effective improvised weapons. The video dives right in to the details, covering not just a high-velocity slingshot but also a bone-baton and a deadly shiv made with a multi tool and steel drill bit.

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The focus of the video is really to put viewers in the mindset that, in an emergency, just about anything can be an effective weapon. Rather than carry the weapons themselves, Jeff highlights the different tools and materials that you can carry to turn everything around you into a potential lifesaving tool. His kit packs a few things that you might expect, like paracord which can be used as a bow string in a pinch, to a few surprising additions like the drill bits mentioned above.

One thing’s for sure, if you ever find yourself in the woods, with unfriendlies about and nothing to use to defend yourself but what you can find around you, a kit like this would be handy to have. On the other hand I think most people reading this would probably rather be carrying a Glock than a box of tricks if the shit hit the fan, but maybe there’s room in your bugout bag for both.

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