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The Q-Collar Compression Wrap

By Allan Smith



The Q Collar at first it looks like some space aged fashionable neck wrap, but when you learn more, this product is amazing. It’s a non-invasive device intended to be worm around the neck and as their literature says, “For ages 13 and up, this revolutionary device aids in protecting the brain from effects associated with a repetitive sub-concussive head impacts”.

When we received the package, it came in a great case with excellent instructions. They provide you with a scan card to watch a video on proper fitting and to be sure you have the right size.

In the case you get:

1 – Q Collar

1 – Travel Case

1 – Fit Check Tool

1 – Owner’s Guide

This product is used by athletes of all sports, but specifically used by folks that have suffered a concussion in the past. So is it a medical device? Yes, as it has received an “FDA-Cleared” status. So what does that mean was the question we had and this is their description:

“FDA-Cleared” reflects the highest level of review and authorization by the FDA for a non-invasive, low risk device like the Q-Collar. The FDA reserves use of the word “approved” for high risk devices. Following its thorough evaluation of the independent research, the FDA announced that the Q-Collar (a Class 2 medical device) “provides an additional piece of protective equipment athletes can wear when playing sports to help protect their brains from the effects of repetitive head impacts.”

This device has gone through extensive research and studies and they offer you a QR code to scan and read up on the studies if you so wish.

The Q Collar helps the brain from further injury which is awesome. For us, we wanted to have a look at this for its application to the military community, especially Special Operations. I had a conversation with brothers in the MARSOC Community (Marine Corps Special Operations) and they have heard of the device and are interested in learning more about it. The company states they have the “Tactical Q-Collar” coming out soon which appears to be the same as the current collar, just with a camo finish.

On the company website they describe more detail on the collar – “Because the brain floats inside the skull, it moves – sometimes with great force – when the head is exposed to an impact. By applying light pressure to the sides of the neck, the Q Collar increases blood volume in the brains venous structures, reducing the harmful internal movement that cases brain injury”.

Made from silicone urethane elastomer with a rigorously engineered force-providing insert, they collar is not to be worn for longer then 4 hours.


“Limitations” & “Warnings-Precautions”:
Upon receipt of the product, there are several Limitations and Precaution listed in the brochure, so each user needs to carefully review this prior to using the product.


Before the product arrived they provide instructions on how to get your neck measurement at home and then submit the size with your order to insure the right fit. I wore the collar for an hour before feeling the need to remove it. It’s not a normal feeling and with the compression, I feel it takes some getting used to. I wore the collar for 3 days on the range moving around shooting barricades and fair to say by the 3rd day it was wearing well on my neck and hardly felt it.

As stated above, the fit and feeling around your neck takes a bit of getting used to. The function of this product is solid and if I had a child in sports that had a concussion in the past, I would seriously consider it. For military applications I can see this in training, but combat is another thing and you can’t schedule a 4 hour wear window when you’re blasting bad guys. The price point on the Q-Collar $199 with the Tactical Q Collar coming in at $249.

You can check them out @ www.qcollar.com

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