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The Road to NFA/SBR

So big news! I’m building an Short Barrel Rifle(SBR) and for “fun” I will document the process with the ATF and the road to creating my SBR. This will include a few videos we watched to get some ideas/help as well as our thought process along the way in regard to the requirements of NFA. Not to mention I’ll detail the full rifle and the costs of each item.


So I think it should be said that I have never filed any type of forms with the ATF other than the Form 4473, which is the “white sheet” you are required to fill out when purchasing an over-the-counter firearm. For the preparation to file a Form 1 I knew I had to at least have the lower and the length of upper I was going to use. I decided to go with a 10.5″ Upper, which I will go into more detail later along with a review. And a Palmetto State Armory “Blem” lower, which to this date I still can’t find a blemish.

A little help along the way …

I ended up watching MrGunsGear’s “How To E-FILE SBR Tax Stamp Forms On The ATF’s Website (HD)” to help get a better understand of the ATF eForms process, since this was my first go at NFA.

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The eForm Process

This was a pretty painless process and went nearly identical to the video above that MrGunsGear did. I had no snags or problems with the process and got a single email to confirm they had received my form.

However you can always log on to the eForms website and check to see the current status of your paperwork.


The things I plan to get/want for this build.

  • Complete Lower (5.56/.223)
  • NFA Required Lower Engraving
  • Complete Upper (10.5″ Barrel)
  • Magpul Accessories
  • Mounted Flashlight
  • Suppressor


  • April 29, 2015 – ATF Form 1 Submitted (Corporation) – eFiled – Paid tax online




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