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The Truth About Using a Shotgun for Home Defense

Controversial straight-talking YouTuber James Yeager goes into detail about his views on whether or not you should be using a shotgun for home defense. James breaks it down for us from the perspective of a veteran with real-life experience defending himself with a shotgun, and tells everyone what he likes — and exactly what he doesn’t like — about defending your home and family with a shotgun.

A few of his ideas are truly controversial, for example he’s all for ‘over-penetration’ in a home defense situation. His reasoning is that he’d like to be able to shoot through obstacles if necessary, and he argues that an AR-15 is the superior choice if you don’t want to risk friendly fire through the walls. While not everyone is going to agree with every single point that he makes, James passionately defends his perspective and outlines his list of do’s and dont’s when it comes to protecting yourself with a shotgun.

One point that he makes which is hard to agree with is the fact that buckshot is ‘underpowered’ and slugs are a much better load. While it’s true that buckshot spreads more at distance, being able to put a few pellets in your assailant seems like a much better outcome than missing entirely with a slug.

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