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Timber Vault Concealment Furniture Mirror Review

Several months ago Timber Vault reached out to EpicTactical to review one of their concealment mirrors. While concealment furniture has always been an interest for me I’ve never actually used any. The mirror Timber Vault offers really peaked my interest because it was going to require a little more hands-on work for the installation.

Here is the rundown of the Timber Vault Concealment Mirror:

  • One-piece unit mounts easily between standard wall studs, with just a single opening in the drywall.
  • Internal shelves adjust to make room for larger items, while two strong repositionable magnets hold smaller metal items securely in place.
  • The back panel is covered in velvet to protect contents from being scratched.
  • Includes two RFID key cards and one programming key card.
  • Every unit is pre-programmed with an audible warning when the RFID locks batteries are nearing end of life. This will give you ample time to replace the batteries. Batteries typically last 1-2 years.
  • 4 x AAA batteries not included.


The Timber Vault mirror arrived in a sizeable box and it was packed completely with foam. The box had a little damage from shipping but the foam protected the mirror completely. After sliding the mirror out and getting rid of all the packing foam I was left with the mirror and the accessories, which included the RFID keys, magnets, and the locking system.

Assembly & Installation

Assembly took no time at all and as far as the mirror goes, it only required the lock and magnets to be attached to the mirror. Installation was a bit more tricky but wasn’t unbearable. It does help to have two people during installation to make the process faster. I live in a newer home and I cut the sheetrock out completely between they two frame 2×4’s and it fit perfectly between the studs. Just be mindful of wires in the wall not to hit them while installing the mirror.

Use and Concealment

First of all, I’ll note that no one will suspect this mirror to have guns in it. Once installed, this looks like a normal plan jane every day full-length mirror. The only thing that will give it away is the fact you will want to show everyone the awesome concealment mirror you have installed in your house. Using the RFID cards to unlock the lock is easy, quick, and smooth. As long as you swipe the card in the area of the lock it will pop open without any issues.

I currently keep just one AR in the concealment mirror but I will say it has plenty of room for two AR’s. It will also easily fit valuables, magazines, and handguns. The mirror is not very deep so you will not be storing a large number of bulky items in it. but what the mirror lacks in depth it makes up for in length.

The only real negative I’ve seen with Timber Vault mirror is the fact it’s not made in the United States. But much of what we buy is not so it’s really hard to even criticize it on this point.

Overall I think this is a great buy at only $399 with free shipping! I would highly recommend this concealment mirror to anyone looking to purchase.

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