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Tortort Manufacturing 80% AK Lowers

Tortort Manufacturing is a California based company that is best known for designing and manufacturing 80% AK lowers based on a wide variety of makes and models. When APEX Gun Parts had a special on the Yugoslavian M70AB Milled Underfolder for $279.95, I jumped on it! I went to searching for the 80% MIlled AK Underfolder Lower Receiver and I came across Tortort Manufacturing.

According to Tortort Manufacturing Website, “All parts are designed in SolidWorks and MasterCam and machined on the latest Hurco CNC machines. We take the time to design and machine each part using aerospace general dimensioning and tolerance guidelines. At the same time, we are constantly testing and inspecting our designs to make sure they are safe and operate correctly.”

Currently, Tortort Manufacturing is offering 80% Lowers for: Galil AK, Milled Russian Fixed (Bulgarian and Polish Kits), Milled Russian Underfolder, Milled Yugo Fixed (M72), Milled Yugo Underfolder (M70/72), and Milled Yugo M76. The price tags for these lowers range from $249-$289.

When these lowers are in-stock, they ship out pretty fast. Tortort usually makes each receivers in batches and when making them, they usually take around 6-8wks to ship out. Shipping is a flat rate of $10 per lower receiver, so keep that in mind when ordering more than one. There are different jigs available to complete the 80% lower out there on the internet. When I received the lower, I was looking over it and I was pretty impressed with it.


You can see the tooling marks on the inside and on the outside. Unfortunately, that’s how most of these 80% lowers are coming. If you are wanting to keep the finish like it is, then roll with it. You can get the receiver cleaned up a little bit and remove those tool marks, but you’ll have to get it refinished or cerakoted in your favorite color. This underfolder came in at $249 and showed up in a few days after ordering it.

We are going to be doing a build series on this Yugoslavian M70AB Underfolder in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

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