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TRIANGLE SHOOTING ACADEMY: Shuts the door on the public!


Shuts the door on the public

In a stunning move TRIANGLE SHOOTING ACADEMY located in Raleigh, NC decided Its personal safety was more important than that of the shooting public and industry they serve and have locked the door.  

With ammo and firearms difficult to find, some folks have taken to purchasing across state line.  In a stunning and unbelievable move, TSA accepted FFL transfers from other gun sellers, received the firearms and then have locked customers out from receiving them.  

In a statement they said, “We will be calling customers about picking up their transfers once we resume operations. What telephone number would you like for us to contact you at?”.

No date has been offered for the reopening and folks that have purchased rifles may be waiting months to receive them.  To make matters even worse, the governor of North Carolina even sided with the people to keep the gun stores open. With the COVID 19 Virus and the unprecedented government orders, we have seen fears in the American people like never before.  It is estimated that 1 in 20 households went out to purchase a firearm to protect themselves.  1 in 10 report thinking about purchasing one and NICS checks in March alone went up 777%. 

Stores have run out of everything from toilet paper to survival products and try to order online and you’ll see a SOLD OUT tag.  Seems here we have a business that opened to support the 2nd Amendment and to help people protect themselves, but once the going got tough, they appear to have closed and ran away!  

There is never a more important time to keep gun stores open and as a conceal carry holder, I couldn’t imagine seeing a women being chased down the street and locking my car door until the threat was over.  However, it appears that is exactly what TRIANGLE SHOOTING ACADEMY has done!

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