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TTAG & Colion Noir and War of Words

Don’t get me wrong arguments and fights interest people so maybe this is in the best interest for both Noir and TTAG. Noir is off getting paid god knows what from the NRA to sit back and make videos. But does he really think it’s best to insult the people who are promoting the same thing he is?

I get you know how guns work, Noir, but let me explain how the internet works. Small sites like Epic Tactical and others syndicate and republish your content, which is probably where most of your views come from. Granted TTAG is much bigger than we are and has a lot bigger following and reach, however we still drive thousands of page views a month.

So while we might have full time jobs and are not able to dedicate enough time to make enough money to survive from blogging to do this full time, we still enjoy it. So while you enjoy reading off your teleprompter and shooting guns NRA members paid for and slam blogs like ours while in the same sentence bash what you have become(an Ivy League better than everyone else gun/gear reviewer) we are going to keep trying to help people find the right guns for them and promote safe gun ownership across the board. Even if you do think there are enough of us out here.

So what was once looking to be a promising media outlet is now turning into a mud slinging match. I for one would love to go back to being united against people who are trying to take our freedoms away not having a pissing contest to see who’s got the bigger piece. But until then, the NRA’s media firm can stop emailing us for coverage of their content. Thanks.

I will not being linking to NOIR or NRA Freestyle but you can read more on TTAG.

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