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Virginia Senator Tim Kaine says people who don’t agree with him on gun laws are “evil”

Virginia Senator Tim Kaine went on air and decided to make a political statement and spit in the faces of the victims families fresh on the heels of this tragedy.

The unhonorable Senator Kaine stated on MSNBC shortly after the shootings in California that America had a gun problem and asked if America is “mature” enough to acknowledge that. Ummm actually it looks like we have a terrorist problem but you don’t care much about that do you, Mr. Armed Services Committee Member?

He then went on to say:

…there’s always that voice that comes out and says that particular fix wouldn’t have done anything so lets do nothing and.. and.. that bystander voice is a voice of evil. Shooters are evil but people who stand by and do nothing and say nothing can be done to fix problems that’s a voice of evil too.

So what you’re saying Mr. Kaine is that because I don’t think that more “feel good laws” are going to prevent shootings and mass kills, I’m evil? I reject that entirely. You’re a disgrace to your office for calling Americans who believe in their Constitutional rights evil.

Most gun owners are law-abiding and if you don’t think that is true then ask yourself how is there not MORE shootings and more violence when there is estimated to be between 270 and 310 million firearms in America. The same America with a population of 318.9 Million, so if my math is better than your ability to spot evil, that would mean very close to 1 firearm for every American. That would be a lot of violence if these guns, which are inanimate objects, and the American people were so violent.

Check out the video clip below and share your thoughts.

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