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What Handgun Not To Buy

There are several great handguns on the market that will meet your needs, whether it’s concealed carry, recreational use or tournament shooting.

Great handguns manufactured by great companies that can withstand thousands of rounds and abuse.

We here at EpicTactical want to take the time to highlight what not to buy – the handguns that you should stay away from.

Think of buying a handgun as an investment, you’re paying a price for a product and you want that product to produce a return for you. In this case, a return would mean that the handgun functions properly and in the worst-case scenario, defend you and save your life. Handguns that sell for around $200 brand new are the type of handguns that you should stay away from if you can. These handguns offer a great price, but when push comes to shove these handguns might not always come through when you need them the most.

Handguns such as:

  • Hi-Point
  • Cobra
  • Jennings
  • Raven

I don’t recommend putting your life or your family’s lives in the hands of these handguns. It would be worth it to hold off on purchasing such a handgun and saving your money until you can purchase something with higher quality that you can depend on. Buying a handgun that is dependable will pay dividends in the future. That’s not to say that a more expensive handgun will not malfunction; you have to clean and take care of your handguns as well as the rest of your firearms. Get yourself a great gun, not a mediocre piece of junk. And purchase something that meets your needs, figure that out and decide accordingly.

No matter what handgun you decide on, make sure it is comfortable and fits in your hand – that’s the most important thing. Purchase a handgun that meets your needs! Don’t go with someone else’s recommendation, everyone is different. Safety first and shoot ‘em straight!

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