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What’s new from Remington?

Remington has been in the firearms business for what seems like forever and are known for their ever so popular 700 series of bolt rifles. So what is new from Remington? With the R51v1 fiasco and the safety recalls for their 700 triggers, will the new products be better?

Last year Remington brought back the R51 Version 2 and is suppose to fix all the issues that the original R51 brought about. Also at the end of last year, Remington debuted the new RP9 (MSRP $489.00, selling locally for around $399.99). With the felt ergonomics of the popular Ruger models and styling of Walther, it seems it’s projecting to be a winner. The trigger is nothing to write home about and it’s very “mushy.” Would I carry this pistol, probably not because it’s just too bulky, but I can’t wait to see how this pistol will hold up when people start buying them and seeing what it’s all about.

As well as the RP9 debut, Remington brought out a new version of the 700 in mid-December 2016. The Remington 700 AWR (American Wilderness Rifle). The AWR is a 24″ free-floating 5R barrel rifle that is chambered in 270 Win, .30-06, 7mm Rem Mag, and 300 Win Mag only. This rifle is designed to take down any big game in North America. It features a Grayboe stock and their signature X-Mark Pro adjustable trigger. With the MSRP starting at $1,150.00, it falls right in-line with their other popular 700 models.

Also new from Remington 700 line is the Model 700 Magpul. The Magpul Model 700 will be chambered in 260 Remington and 308 Win. and will come with the Magpul 700 Hunter stock and comes with their removable magazine. It will be suppressor ready coming with a 22″ Free-Floating, threaded 5R Rifling, heavy barrel and have the X-Mark Pro Adjustable Trigger. MSRP for the Model 700 Magpul is $1,175.

When you think of the bolt guns from Remington, you typically think of the 700’s only, well they have revamped the Model 783 Bolt Action to include a Wood Stock and the same wood stock with a Vortex 3-9×40 Crossfire Scope. These 783’s will be chambered in your favorite short and long action rounds. The standard wood stock without optic MSRP coming in at $499 and with the Crossfire coming in at $675.

Model 783 with and without optic

Be on the look-out for these rifles and pistols in your local gun stores and big box chains stores real soon!

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