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1-Point Tactical Bungee Sling

One point slings are nothing new and I debated on if I should do a review on one and I came to the conclusion of “why not?”. I thought more and more about the hundreds of different slings and I recently purchased two from Amazon, which I normally don’t trust many firearm products/accessories from Amazon, for a really reasonable price of $4.41 each. The price was another reason I wanted to review these further as most slings are anywhere from $20-$50. I figured if I broke one or it didn’t last I was only out $4.41 and by purchasing two I could put one through the gambit to see if it help up.
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First Impression

Out of the bag it feels like any ole’ one point nylon sling. After some adjustments I got it to hang my rifle just like I wanted it to. Wasn’t completely impressed with the tightening/loosing system on this sling but wasn’t the worst I’ve seen either. So overall the first impression out of the gate wasn’t bad.

Wear & Tear

After using the sling a hand full of times I felt I was ready to make my judgement on the wear and tear. I did a number of things while wearing the sling short of crawling face down dragging the gun, I know I should have for testing purposes.  I like my gun too much to put it through that kind of wear and tear and with AR prices being sky-high these days it didn’t make much sense to do that for just a sling review. I did some light jogging with my S&W M&P 15 and this sling and noticed no slipping of the sling setting. The metal of the latch and clip that attached to the base plate on the gun and has held up well so far. For the average range shooter looking for a one point sling, or even an airsoft player, this sling will work like a charm.

Final Thoughts

If you need a quick fix and don’t want to drop $20-$50 on a sling this might be something you can pick up for the average person. This probably wouldn’t be the sling you pick up for active law enforcement or military use.

One point slings are nothing new and I debated on if I should do a review on one and I came to the conclusion…
  • Material
  • Durability
  • Price

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