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Destructive Devices Industries Sold?

ET has just learned that Destructive Devices Industries has been bought out. ET learned from the AK Operators Union Instagram and FB of this news. According AKOU, it looks like that they have been bought out by possibly Palmetto State Armory. Epic Tactical recently reviewed one of DDI AK47 and I must say, this company has been hailed with great reviews and was set to be a great company for the AK Market…right up until the new release of the their all-American made AK’s. DDI was previously using parts kits and since parts kits are starting to become harder and harder to find, they ventured out into all-American made/in-house products.

There has been many videos posted on YouTube recently about extractors being broken, jamming issues, feeding issues, and other QC problems that could have been avoided. This is a huge blow for the AK Market that I was hoping would start to build back up in America. But with the Kalashnikov AK’s that will soon be manufactured here in the US, and the possible reverse of the import ban on AK’s, hopefully the market will bounce back! DDI will have an official announcement on Tuesday, 1/3/2017.

***Update*** According to AKOU Instagram, “Just off the phone with CEO, David Fillers. According to him, ‘it is true that DDI is moving out of Knoxville, TN, to a new location in a different state to increase their production output and start developing new AK models (in different calibers), but rifles will be still made under DDI name..’ From my understanding, DDI will work very tightly with PSA on this…”

***Update*** Just messaged DDI and asked directly and their response confirmed AKOU post and just said they are relocating, not being sold.

So it looks as if they have partnered instead of being sold? But we’ll find out on Tuesday what the final word is from DDI and we will update as soon as we hear from them.

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