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Drop Leg Holsters: Why?

Lately, the tacticool phenomenon has run amuck and everyone is buying things they do not need and/or not practical for their situation. One of the problem areas I see typically at the range is holsters, specifically drop leg holsters. You see weekend warriors and all the “tacticool guys” running around with their drop leg holsters, while wearing their polo shirt and khaki BDU style pants – are they trying to be this way or were they not being properly taught the mantra, practice¬†how you’ll play? All I can think is “why?”

Drop Leg Holsters Uses & Practical Situations

Safariland XTS Tactical with QLS Attachment for Glock 19 w/ TLR1 HL

I want to put this out here and say, drop leg holsters are not a bad product and serve a very useful purpose – but what is that purpose? Many people see SWAT teams and military personnel running around with all their gear, AR-15’s, Glocks with flashlights, and (you guessed it) drop leg holsters. For some, that sets off a light bulb and they think since those guys have it, then they need it. Because remember the “golden rule,” everything the police and military use is the best! (insert sarcasm)

This article was inspired by someone I know, asking about a drop leg holster. I questioned them as to why they wanted a drop leg holster and he simply said, “because it was ‘better’.” This particular person has short arms and in order to use a drop leg holster, he would have to do an “I’m a little tea pot” move to even reach his firearm.

So who and why would someone need/use a drop leg holster? The number one reason is going to be mobility. SWAT and military personnel are using drop leg holsters because they wear full armor vests/plate carriers. These type vests would not allow someone to carry a typical hip holster and easily access the firearm. Drop leg holsters can also be more favorable for someone running, but certain holsters, particularly one-size fits most nylon holsters, can be loose and not secure the firearm. But remember, even with a hard plastic drop leg holster like from Safariland or even Blackhawk, the sidearm could possibly become unsecured.

Safariland XTS Tactical with QLS Attachment for Glock 19 w/ TLR1 HL

If you are someone who simply shoots at the range on the weekend only, a drop leg holster is probably not a practical solution for you. It is also very important to train how you plan to carry. If you are going to conceal most of the time, then train that way. Don’t short change yourself by using a drop leg holster, when in reality you will never wear one in a life and death situation.

That being said, do what’s best or right for you and your situation.

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