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What do you expect from Shot Show 2017?

Many people are wondering what is to come in a few short weeks in Las Vegas at the Sands convention center, the site of the 2017 Shot Show. Many companies release their latest and greatest products for the year at Shot Show.

We have already seen what appeared to be a slip up from Smith & Wesson via the Academy website. I don’t know if Smith & Wesson has anything else in their bag of tricks to release but Academy may have stolen their only thunder.

I also look forward to seeing what new and smaller innovative companies hold. Sometimes it feels that the big companies often stagnate and don’t innovate, we are looking at you Colt. But I remain hopeful for this years 2017 Shot Show.

Our big news is that we will have a 3 person crew on site in Vegas to cover Shot Show. We will make some changes to our site to highlight Shot Show 2017 posts. But to get the best coverage you need to make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter, Like us on Facebook and Instagram, as well as Twitter, and YouTube.

If there is anything particular you’d like to see, leave a comment on here or one of the social media sites! We look forward to bringing content live and in person while at Shot Show

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