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HK P30SK Best Subcompact Pistol?

With the standard HK P30 being probably the best feeling handgun out on the market today, HK went about and made the subcompact version, the P30SK. Now, the P2000SK and the P30SK almost have the same size and dimensions, but P30SK has been out on the market since 2015. For the Cadillac’s of Handguns, this HK is probably the most affordable, second to the VP9 (which is mirrored after the P30).

So is the HK P30SK the best subcompact pistol out on the market today? Let’s do a quick comparison between the P30SK, Glock 26 Gen 4, and the Sig Sauer P320SC:

HK P30SK Glock 26 Gen 4 Sig Sauer P320SC
OAL 6.42″ 6.41″ 6.7″
Width 1.37″ 1.18″ 1.3″
Height 4.57″ 4.17″ 4.7″
Weight 1.5lbs 1.36lbs 1.57lbs
Barrel Length 3.27″ 3.42″ 3.6″
Capacity 10rd 10rd 12rd
Action DA/SA Striker Fire Striker Fire
Trigger Pull 12lbs/4lbs 5.5lbs 6.5lbs
MSRP $719.00 $539.00 $597.00


Model V3 with Night Sights

The HK P30SK is offered in a few different variants: V1 (Law Enforcement Modification), V3, V3 Safety. One thing that I really love about this pistol is the interchangeable backstraps and lateral grip panels. This pistol can really be made to fit you. Just like the Glock and Sig Sauer P320SC (can accept the larger magazines out of the compact and full-size variants), the HK P30SK will take the 15rd magazines that come with the standard P30.

Going out to the range, I found myself really falling in love with this pistol. I owned an HK P30 in the past, but got rid of it because I had the safety version and I had to adjust my shooting grip. But the actual pistol grip was just amazing. But I digress, if you aren’t use to shooting with only two fingers holding on to the grip, then it’ll take some time getting use to. I had a Sig Sauer P224, so I was use to shooting with two fingers. But with the extended magazine grip that I was using, it made shooting a breeze and made me fall in love all over again with the P30 and made me really want this pistol.

The trigger in Single Action (SA) was crisp and the reset was just amazing, but the Double Action (DA) trigger pull was long (and it brought me back to why I wanted a trigger job on my first P30 and found out that it was around $200 for it to get done). But in SA, it was just amazing. For the shooter how wants a lighter trigger, the V1 option would probably be your best option. The trigger pull on the V1 is averaging around 6lbs, so it might be a better option, but it is a DAO pistol. The accuracy of this pistol is just amazing. I was shooting tight groups and hitting the steel plates just fine.

Paddle Mag-Release on rear of trigger-guard

P30SK with Extended Magazine Plate

The HK P30SK is being sold locally for around $599 and be can be found on sale, sometimes, online for around $549. This particular model I was testing out has night sights and is the V3 model which offers the de-cocker tab beside the hammer. The standard P30SK comes with the luminescent sights and those sights are just amazing. If you haven’t seen them, you should try and seek this pistol out and see for yourself. New for 2017 from HK, they are shipping the P30SK with one extended magazine and one standard flush magazine. If you have an older model, you can purchase the extended magazine floor-plates. This pistol is just a dream to shoot and I really, really want this pistol…but only if I can convince my wife.

As always, ya’ll be good and be safe!

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