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MISSION CRITICAL TX – Firearms Training Center & Rogers Range

Since our last review on the firearms training center “FRONTLINE DEFENSE”, we have received several emails from folks telling us about their favorite place and how we needed to do a review. Funny caveat is that some of the emails, folks were worried about people finding out about their range and then it getting busy.

So in this review were kicking it down to Texas and the 2300 acre training center known as MISSION CRITICAL TX. To be fair, we have been there before and took a class on their Rogers Range TX. (more on that in a minute). Located near Gatesville, TX, which is in close proximity to Killeen and Fort Hood, this large training center is a hot bed for both law enforcement, military and civilian training.

Offering classes from Force on Force, TCCC, Land Nav, Special Weapons and Tactics Training for Law Enforcement, CQB/CQC training and more. A special feature at Mission Critical TX is their long range training and with this much space on a range, it’s fair to say that you could be in a different part of the TC and never see another team. The 1000 yard range is simply bad ass and offers winds from three different directions, which really ups your training game.

Their “Bravo Range” is a 1000-yard range and is utilized for long-distance carbine instruction, however its main purpose is to be the next step in long-range precision training. The range consists of an enclosed shooting shed with individual shooting benches. The Range includes the ability to confirm your rifle zero at 100 yards. Bravo progresses to a series of full-size long-range steel targets with separate head/torso plates – these targets are set at 400-, 500-, 600-, 700-, 800-, 900-, and 1000-yards, allowing multiple shooters to engage simultaneously. Also included with this range is a 50-caliber target located at the 1000-yard berm. The range also contains moving targets, which traverse across the range and are remote-controlled with speeds ranging from three to nine miles an hour, and movement is reversible and may be randomized with regards to direction. Bravo contains several wind flag locations to help determine windage through this advanced range.

The rest of the TC ranges are named Alpha, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot and Whisky Tango Foxtrot. WTF is badass in that its a mile long shot from the top of the shooting platform – a 5 Ton Military truck.

The ranges, outside of the long range, vary between 100 to 900 yards. The 500-yard range with berms situated at 100-yard increments. Each berm has been constructed at graduating heights, so as you position yourself on any berm and you have full sight of all targets from ground level to full berm height. The 500 yard range features a variety of steel targets as well as vehicles for the carbine/pistol classes taught by retired Army SF Sergeant Major (SGM) Dan Brokos.

Mission Critical TX has a large classroom and is in close proximity to the Rogers Range.

The instructor cadre at Mission Critical TX comes from the best, Tier 1, the Military has. Marine Corps, Seal and Army SF community combine to make the training at Mission Critical TX one of the best in the nation. A specialty they offer is creating customizable courses, upon request, for law enforcement and others. We would be remiss in our duties if we didn’t talk about the Rogers Range located at Mission Critical TX.

Developed by retired FBI agent Bill Rogers, this Rogers Range was recently completed and is the finest in the nation. The shooting principles were specifically designed to allow students, of all skill level, to rapidly become proficient in this unique shooting system and has the shooter engaging with multiple pop up steel targets. At one time, this system was reserved for only our Tier 1 Special Operations units and now is open top civilians. Here, the training focuses on the fundamental skill sets, which rapidly allows the student to progress and get rounds down range quickly and accurately on target in any defensive handgun engagement. Training on a Rogers Range is special and note that there are only 4 Rogers Range schools in the Nation.

A side note, they have recently expanded and added Comanche Creek Armory and are a Type 07 FFL/SOT firearms sales company. They have agreements with several companies including Remington, Federal and B&T.

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