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Silver Shadow’s Crazy New Rifles

A few weeks ago, Epic Tactical covered Tennessee Arms’ see-through polymer lower receiver for the AR-15 platform. Israeli arms manufacturer Silver Shadow Ltd. took it one step further, and uploaded footage of their version of a fully-functioning cutaway AR-15 clone being sold under the name Gilboa. This carbine, fired in full-auto mode, has a fully visible magazine and bolt assembly,s o you can watch each round feed and fire in real time.

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Silver Shadow got attention earlier this year for debuting their quad-stack, double-barrel AR-15 which is fired with side-by-side triggers. The company deserves credit for bringing some pretty out of the mainstream ideas to life, and even bringing them to market.

While the Gilboa cutaway won’t be coming to store shelves anytime soon, Silver Shadow’s Gilboa Snake double-barrel AR-15 is available for purchase. It’s hard to imagine what a twin-barreled AR-15 could be used for, aside from burning through brass twice as fast, but it’s nice to know it’s out there as an option if you ever need to buy a set of conjoined twins their first firearm.

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