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Best Concealed Handgun for the Money 2014

The most frequently asked question every year is what handgun is the best quality for the money? Next, without even taking a breath, people ask, “What is the best handgun for concealment?” The answer is pretty simple, but you need to answer a few other questions before you can decide on which is best for you.

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Where are you going to be concealing?

Where you are going to be concealing the firearm is the easiest question to answer. Some people say they want to carry it on their side and will cover it with a shirt or jacket. This type of carry will need a slim and compact firearm to keep it concealed. Others prefer to conceal it in their vehicle. This can be almost any size firearm that will fit in the glove compartment, center console, or wherever you plan to store it. Keep in mind if you store a firearm your vehicle, please always lock your vehicle.

What caliber do you want to carry?

Many people are tried and true 9mm fans, and will not stray away from their favorite round. While others love the .380 Auto, due to very small guns that come along with the round. If you want to store a firearm in your pocket, using a protective sleeve of course, then .380 is the way to go. However, many firearm manufacturers are making slim frame firearms all the way to .45 ACP/Auto. This allows any caliber concealable and gives the caliber fanboys a varied selection.

So the question remains: What are the best concealed handguns for the money?

We have decided to break it down with types of concealment.

Vehicle Concealment

Waist Concealment

Pocket/Ankle Concealment

The most important thing is this and will always be this:

Go with the pistol that feels the best to you. Whichever one is comfortable in your hand. Don’t go with what someone else tells you. If it doesn’t feel good in your hand, then you won’t enjoy shooting it and you simply won’t like the gun.


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