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DDI and PSA Merger – Revisited

With our post earlier this year about DDI possibly being sold, er bought out, we talked with Palmetto State Armory (PSA) and DDI while at SHOT Show. Here is the response we got from PSA at SHOT:

“We are pleased to be working with DDI and will be working together on joint efforts called, the ‘AK Excellence Center.’ David Fillers will still be in charge of the DDI Name brand and will work as a separate company, but still under the umbrella of PSA’s parent company JJE Capital. We (PSA) are looking forward to working together on future projects and are excited to help out with the AK Market better by offering quality products at affordable prices.”

According to PSA, DDI will be moving their operations out of Knoxville, TN, and will be moving to Columbia, SC. DDI is excited to be working with PSA on a new AR-AK Hybrid Platform, and are pleased to be releasing their 5.45 variant of AK very soon, and will be including hammer-forged parts and hammer-forged barrels.

I am pleased that DDI will still be around. I personally own one of their older stamped AK’s and I’m really hoping that the QC will increase on their Milled/Hammer-Forged AK’s that will be hitting the market this year. I know at the end of 2016, DDI was having QC issues with their extractors breaking, jamming issues, and feeding issues. I like to see the little companies thrive and I am sure that with this merger, that the DDI name will still be synonymous with quality AK’s.

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