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What & How to do the P320 Voluntary Upgrade

So today is the day that Sig announced the Voluntary Upgrade for the P320. Since the video posted last Monday, 8/7/2017, by Omaha Outdoors that showcased the P320 can fire when dropped at a certain angle, the internet has been at a huge buzz over this and the negative comments on the P320 have been on fire. Then on Tuesday, 8/8/2017, Sig Sauer issued a statement issuing a voluntary upgrade to the P320, and again Sig reassured the general public and gun community of the safety of the P320.

It appears that the upgrades that Sig Sauer will be offering is reduced-mass trigger, sear, and striker, as well as a trigger disconnect safety and a new sear cage. The P320 that is going to be issued to the US Military already have these upgrades and they were installed during the XM17 trials, along with an external safety. It appears that the newer P320’s hitting the market today, already have a piece that can be taken out to add an external safety on the frame, but won’t be available until next year by Sig. I wonder how long these upgrades will take. I personally own one of the original P320’s with a Gen 1 trigger pack, with the larger slide releases. I wonder will Sig upgrade that as well since it’ll already be there. I surely hope not. I personally love the extended slide releases. Along with this upgrade, I wonder if the trigger pull is going to feel any different. I have come accustom to my P320 and know when it’s going to break.

Honestly, my wife asked me if I was going to participate in the upgrade. I have carried this gun for a few years now, and I have had no hiccups with it all. *Knock on wood* So it astounds me that people who have carried this pistol for quite a while have stopped carrying it because of this new finding. I mean, I’ve learned to not drop a firearm. But I do understand that incidents occur, but lets be honest, when you are at the range it’s only loaded at the line. Most ranges do not let you walk around with a “hot” weapon anyways. So it really makes me wonder what people are doing and what gun safety training they have had.

And for all the Sig “haters” out there, remember, every gun manufacture out there have issues that can occur when a new gun comes to the market. Shoot, even car manufactures have issues. That’s why most people wait to purchase a new vehicle model after it’s been out on the market for a few years to see if any problems arise. Honestly, it seems like Sig Sauer is having their turn in the spotlight. Let’s not forget that Glock has had their fair share of issues to include: the Gen 4 recoil spring recall, upgrade of the G17, G19, G20, and G21 (for the firing pin, firing pin safety, the extractor, the spring loaded bearing and the trigger bar), and other various recalls for various models through-out its history. Although it’s easy to point fingers about a situation, don’t forget that it happens all the time, to everyone, at some point.

Here is the information regarding the Voluntary Upgrade process from Sig Directly:

SIG SAUER is offering a voluntary program for P320 pistols. This will include an alternate design that reduces the physical weight of the trigger, sear, and striker while additionally adding a mechanical disconnector.

3 Steps To Upgrading Your SIG SAUER P320 Pistol

  1. Have your P320 serial number and home address available.
  2. Fill out the Voluntary Upgrade Sign-Up Form — one serial number per form submission.
  3. SIG SAUER will contact you regarding the best method for you to get your P320 pistol to them.

Once SIG SAUER receives your P320 pistol, they will apply the upgrades, test it, and then return it to you free of charge.

If you run into any issues, please call SIG SAUER Customer Service and they will help you through the process. Customer Service can be reached at (603)610-3000 Option 1, from Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. through 6:00 p.m. EST.

***If you own multiple P320s, you will need to enter each P320 serial number separately.***


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